I Conference

The First International Conference



Humans: an Evolutionary Perspective


was held on 23-25 / X / 2014

Wroclaw, Poland




The conference was organized in cooperation with Department of Human Biology (University of Wroclaw) and the conference venues were: Collegium Anthropologicum and the Law Department Building (UWr).

The  President of Organizing Committee was prof. Bogusław Pawłowski from the Department of Human Biology (the President of PTNCE).

The conference was attended by approx. 80 participants from different countries, but mainly from Poland, Czech Republic and the UK (there were also participants from Germany and even from Australia). The conference was very multidisciplinary, since it has gathered the researchers from various disciplines interested in evolutionary approach to human biology, psychology, ecology, human culture, linguistics, economics and law studies.

Plenary speakers were:

Ruth Mace_IGP0139

is a professor of evolutionary anthropology at University College of London. She is interested in evolutionary demography, life history, phylogenetic approaches to culture and language evolution, co-operation, competition, cultural transmission, and the establishment of social norms.

David Perrett_IGP0146

is a professor of psychology at University St. Andrews (GB). He studies how we recognise facial attributes and understand actions of others. Current projects include the nature of cues in the face to attractiveness and health; the impact of childhood, parental relationships and development across puberty on mate choice in adulthood; attraction to voice and to pheromones; decoding emotional expression and deception; sharing of attention; the role of expectations and cross modal integration in understanding actions; and the use of computer graphics to enhance recognition.

Christopher Stringer_IGP0028

is a professor of anthropology at Natural History Museum in London. He is interested in descent of modern humans and endorses the theory of their African origin.






The conference was divided into 7 sessions:


1. Looking back… – anthropogenesis, prehistoric and historic populations

2. Do you notice my beauty? – an evolutionary approach to human attractiveness

3. Look at me differently – evolutionary physiology and psychology

4. What shapes our reproductive success? – mating strategies and fertility

5. In group we trust? – social behaviour from an evolutionary point of view

6. Evolution rules? – culture, economics and law

7. How do we communicate? – linguistics & evolution.


Most of the talks were in English (only 2 of them were in Polish).


Moreover, in the evening there was an interesting Poster Session, where 20 posters were presenteed. 



For more information please visit:

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